Invitation to Membership in AMHA-OR

Enrollment forms & other Members' paperwork.
Leads you to the new member paperwork, application and disclosure forms. Also, Psychotherapist Directory participation contracts.

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Each membership enrollment requires both payment and paperwork.


AMHA-OR is a not-for-profit Oregon mutual-benefit corporation. AMHA members include all licensed mental health disciplines.

The mission of the American Mental Health Alliance – USA is to support and market competent and ethical mental health services.

AMHA protects ethical practice, emphasizing the primary responsibility of the therapist to the patient rather than to any third party.

AMHA-OR supports its members to integrate care with medical practices; and to enter ethical and accountable third-party payer contracts in service of high quality care and patient privacy.

ByLaws AMHA-OR 8/2013
The bylaws of AMHA-OR Metro, as revised and adopted 8/2013

Peer Consultation
Peer consultation is a requirement and benefit of AMHA-OR Metro membership.

    Requirements and Opportunities of AMHA-OR Owner-Membership
  • State License for independent practice in a mental health discipline.
  • Malpractice insurance in the amounts of 1,000,000 occurrence 3,000,000 aggregate, General Liability Insurance
  • Payment of the membership enrollment fee of $800. Payment may be made over time.
  • Approval by the Board of Directors of the candidate's Application for Membership.
  • Members agree to AMHA-OR policies concerning ethical responsibilities to clients
  • Members agree to accept By Laws and Policies adopted for AMHA-OR
  • Participation in development and operation of AMHA-OR is a vital aspect of membership. This is a practice improvement organization.
  • Member-owners of AMHA-OR may participate in ConnectingCARE Contracts with required training and agreements.
  • Member-owners of AMHA-OR may participate in the Print Directory, published annually and in Internet advertising. Requires payment.
  • Membership in AMHA-OR is provisional for the first year.
  • AMHA-OR is a learning organization.